Dyah's Vegan Banana Cake Recipe

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

While staying at the Blue Karma in Seminyak in Bali I was very fortunate to meet and taste some delicious food made by Blue Karma's chef Dyah. What had to be the the queen of these dishes was definitely the vegan banana cake and Dyah was more than kind to share the recipe with me. I'm not much of a cook but I thought anyone reading this looking for a great vegan banana cake recipe will find this useful!

Below is the photo I took of the original recipe, enjoy!

TIPS FOR LONG & HEALTHY HAIR // My Haircare Routine

Friday, January 29, 2016

I've been getting a TON of requests from you guys to make a hair video so it's finally here! The first of my hair tutorial series.

TIP #1

Ok, pretty basic but always start brushing your hair from the bottom and move to the roots so you don't cause any damage, also if you don't have straight hair it's best to brush it only before you wash it. Brushing wavy or curly hair will make it look frizzy even if your hair is healthy.

TIP #2

To get soft, healthy hair before I shower I apply my Lani Tropical Hair Treatment. It's vegan, made with 100% natural oils and it smells AMAZING, like real coconuts, I'm addicted to this thing!
So I apply that  on my hair, tie it in a bun and leave it in for about 30min to 1 hour so it can work it's magic!

TIP #3

Right now I've been trying the Mea Natura hair products in the shower. They are a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask from organic olive oil and mostly natural ingredients, I really like them so far and I'm happy to support a Greek beauty brand and from what I've checked they also don't test on animals.

TIP #4

Afterwards, I usually let my hair air dry and I apply a light oil to my ends. I use an argan oil serum from Faipa that is also cruelty free. I like this serum because it doesn't leave my hair looking oily afterwards but it protects my super bleached ends from looking like a mess.

TIP #5

In order to protect my hair from further damage, getting tangled and looking messy I use a protective hairstyle. At home I always have my hair in a braid and especially when I go to sleep. I'll admit it's not super attractive but it works. If you don't like braids you can try buns or anything that will prevent your hair from flying all over the place.

TIP #6

The biggest thing I do to maintain long hair is I don't go to the hairdressers, instead I cut my own hair. From my personal experience, I always ended up with much shorter hair than I wanted and also a lot of hairdressers use hair cutting techniques that damage the hair and cause split ends. Also because I have unusually thick hair most hairdressers don't know what hairstyle works for me so I just do it on my own with youtube tutorials. If you've found a hairstylist that works for you, fantastic! Don't stop going because you saw a girl in a youtube video that cuts her own hair. 
I use hair thinning scissors and I only cut my hair 2-3 times a year and only to get rid of really damaged ends or renew my hairstyle.

TIP #7

Dieting, calorie restricting and weight loss can lead to hair loss and unhealthy hair in general and don't even get me started on how bad that is for your health. But if you want healthy hair AND a beautiful bod I'd recommend a whole foods vegan diet. For me eliminating all animal products from my diet was the only way I could get fit and eat lots of food at the same time and not have to calorie restric. It's also good for your health, the planet and of course the animals. you can watch this video for more benefits of going vegan here and this video if you want to give it a shot and go vegan yourself.

Ethical Brand: UncommonGoods +Giveaway!

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Necklace & rings from UncommonGoods

You probably already know I'm all about the ethical and fair trade life, brands with a conscience are really important to me but they also need to be accompanied with great aesthetics and the wonderful handmade jewelry from UncommonGoods is definitely a match! They are a 100% cruelty free, B Corp online marketplace based in Brooklyn, New York. Btw B Corp is essentially what the fair-trade certification is but for businesses and it's only given to outstanding companies that use their power to solve social and environmental problems and if that isn't enough they donate 1$ from every purchase to a non-profit of your choice through their Better to Give programm. In LOVE!
The emerald ring and necklace are from an artist that stood out to me the most, Emilie Shapiro and the really awesome part is that I got to take a studio tour, read her story and feel more connected with the item and it's creator. Oh, and if you're looking for Christmas presents UncommonGoods have got you covered on that also.

Even more good news, they've teamed up with me for an awesome giveaway! If you want to win this handmade emerald and brass necklace worth 120 here's what you gotta do.

1. Share the picture bellow on your instagram with the hashtag #UGKristenLeo and don't forget to tag me @kristenleo
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Giveaway ends on  Tuesday 15/12/15


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

LOOK 1: Dress Vol D'Hirondelle 
LOOK 2: Three Birds Sitting Vegan Fur Top 
LOOK 3: Kilo Shop Denim Top // Vintage hand me down Skirt
LOOK 4: H&M Conscious Collection Dress 

All the outfits I wore on my trip to Paris! I tried packing as many ethical items I had in my closet and I'm working on building a full fair trade, vegan wardrobe slowly. 


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ethical Fashion Part I - Every Outfit Is A Vote!

First off, welcome to everyone that's new to this blog and many thanks to everyone that's stuck around for a while now! I've been receiving so much support since venturing off to youtube and in all honesty I didn't expect it. I was prepared for troll attacks about protein deficiency, plants with feelings and of course name calling, but no, so far I've only received positive, encouraging and INTELLIGENT comments that have enriched the topics that I tackle in my videos (like today with ethical fashion or veganism) and for that I am very grateful!
Since starting this blog, I've grown. A. Lot, and I've gone from a materialistic teen obsessed with fashion, designers, brands and shopping, to a young adult obsessed with one question: "What can I do to make this world a better place?" But first I had a harder question to answer which was "How do I make myself better?" and make myself I did and am and will keep doing until a freakin third eye grows in the middle of my forehead. So I'm not here to preach, just share what I'm learning in my journey to improvement and one part of this journey is becoming more conscious about how every action I take has a butterfly effect that ripples across the world. Everything we eat, wear or purchase in general has been created by others or from others and since fashion is something that has been influencing me almost my entire life I only felt it right to delve into the ethics of it and maybe one day help improve it.

Now a few questions YOU might be having.

So where does ethical fashion blend into all of this? Get to the point sista!
The answer to this is covered in the video above. Watch it! ;)

Where do our clothes come from, who makes them?
Almost all clothes let you know in the label where they are made, countries like Cambodia, China, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam are some of the countries with the highest risk of human and labor rights violations. While not shopping items made in these countries can lead to less "sweatshop clothes" in your closet the main goal is for those people to keep their jobs by earning a fair wage. In my opinion that can only happen if all of us as shoppers voice our opinions! A simple tweet or instagram comment can go a long way if we all did it, (eg. asking topshop on instagram to next time post a picture of their seamstresses wage instead of Cara's bod) You get the picture. It's called online activism and we can all be little activists with a single tweet, so type away!

What about the materials, can those be unethical also?
Unfortunately yes, aside from toxic chemicals used in dyes that are harmful for the workers and the environment there are some other fashion victims nobody seems to care about. Animals. Oh no, here she goes with her hippy bullshit. Yep, here I go, because if I can stop being the fur and leather loving primitive cavewoman that I was, then so can you. Right now.
Watch through all four of these videos, do not look away, you will cringe, you will feel a gut wrenching nausea and disgust and you will cry. But unfortunately, this is reality and everyone needs to know about it. It's the only way you can really grasp why dressing vegan is so important.


 If after this you feel ready to make a change, do not fear! There is no need to throw away half your closet, just avoid buying any new animal products and you're good to go, there are more faux and synthetic options in the market these days than ever before. All high street brands have them so it really takes ZERO EFFORT to saves lives and do good!

Why don't any popular fashion bloggers talk about this? It's part of the industry they work in.
In my opinion, every fashion blogger should know about these things whether they choose to talk about it, support it or not, so should magazines and all related online media. Unfortunately, the biggest brands like Topshop or Nike for example are also the biggest sponsors and the most corrupt when it comes to human and labor rights. Saying no to promoting corrupt brands would mean cutting down on their income. What they don't understand is that if we all collectively supported ethical brands (like Asos Green Room, Style Saint, Stella McCartney and many more) then all the power and money of the fashion industry would shift to them.

I want to become an ethical shopper, but I don't know where I should shop and what brands to avoid and also, will it be difficult to make this change?
Firstly, don't worry, becoming an ethical shopper is very easy! Watch the video below where I talk about the most popular brands that we all shop from and let you know which are the safest options and which have been involved in sweatshop, slave and child labor. I have stopped shopping all together but when I really need something these are my favorite options: Asos, Vintage, Etsy (& in general handmade), swapping clothes with friends and my sister, anything that is made locally in Greece and h&m conscious collection. There are literally tons of options but these are just my go-to. I think my number one favourite option has got to be handmade, buying something that someone designed and made on their own although not cheap, it's a fantastic way to feel more connected and respectful towards the creator and the creation.

Ethical Fashion Part II - Where To Shop & Not!

The brands you recommend are all pure evil! I thought this was an ethical fashion blog!
My goal is to make ethical fashion simple and ease people into it, I don't believe it would be effective to ask people to straight away swear off buying any clothes because nobody would give ethical fashion a second thought. Just saying, if you have to choose between h&m and zara, go with h&m, if you have to choose between h&m and handmade, go with handmade. I'm just providing some tools that anyone with critical thinking can use.

I like living in ignorant bliss, why should I come back to this blog?
Ethical fashion is not your thing? That's ok, I'll still be making videos and outfit posts, I'll simply only be working with and promoting brands that support human and labor rights and are cruelty free.

Are there any other websites I can visit for more info?
Watch This! Sweatshop Documentary
A guide to making clothing choices
How to Find Guilt-Free, Affordable Fashion
Sixty big name brands continuing to use sweatshop labour
Are These Unethical Fashion Brands Hiding In Your Closet? 
Changing the world through fashion: Eva Kruse at TEDxCopenhagen 

Hope you guys found this post interesting and if you have any questions you'd like me to clear up let me know in the comments bellow! I'd be more than glad to answer them.


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Sunday, June 14, 2015

photos by Agape

Adidas Originals Backpack, Glamorous tile print shirt similar here and here, black skort similar here and here, Asos cat eye sunglasses

That top has almost become my second skin. I've been really serious about not shopping lately, because I've reached a point in my life where I really don't need any more clothes (I'm not proud of that fyi) but I just couldn't resist. I mean look at it. Talking about things that I actually need, that backpack has saved my life. I carry my laptop with me a lot as well as my massive canon camera and it's managed to fit that and more without breaking my back so good job on that Adidas. I'd say anyone with a tech job or just inseparable from their gadgets needs this. Five stars!

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Monday, May 04, 2015

Here's what I typically eat on the weekend! I've seen lots of other health youtubers making this video so i thought you might find it interesting. I consume approximately 2000 calories of fruits and whole foods daily and exercise as often as possible by doing yoga or weight training at home. I'm not a big fan of the gym to be honest, so I prefer to work out with my peace an quiet and at my own pace also, I am literally obsessed with headstands, I'm not sure why but I'm addicted... Let me know if you want me to show you what I eat on a typical working day because it's a little bit different because I have to pack my meals. Thank you for watching!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

These are my 6 tips on shopping healthy and vegan food when you're on a budget! I've been on a really tight budget for about six months and these are a few tips and things I learned on the way that I've aplied to maintain a healthy and vegan (high carb-low fat) lifestyle . Let me know what other things you guys do to stay healthy on a budget in the comments!

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