by - March 12, 2015

photos by Agape
(Zara vegan faux fur, Asos playsuit, Blanco backpack, H&M boots and necklace)

Had a very vintage Saturday, went thrifting and snaged a really amazing maxi dress from the 60's from Vintage Athens & Bizarre Bazaar and I can't wait to show you guys once I sew it to fit me better, also found a fantastic vintage lamp at Coo. I'm so glad the Vintage movement is blooming in Athens, you don't need me to tell you why that's awesome, from environmental and ecofriendly reasons to simply owning something with a little history that nobody else owns. Go Vintage!  
Also a quick update, after reading a few articles showing how many bloggers actually photoshop their pictures to look thinner, at first I was surprised, then thought I should have seen it coming. I'm not sure why but I felt betrayed by those bloggers, when I previously admired their outfits and thought only someone that thin could pull it off now I don't see the outfit or if they are in shape I just see how insecure they are about themselves. Εven though they have so many people looking up to them. Also being a public figure and photoshoping your body to look thinner is the same as lying to your followers, saying that basically fashion is a fantasy that can't exist in the real world. What they don't understand is that there are a lot of younger girls that are very influenced by them and want to look like them at any cost, unaware that their role model's appearance is clearly an illusion made by liquify filters and warp effects. I just wanted to put on record that my pictures are photoshop reshape free, not that anyone has questioned that but just saying, I only use photoshop to enhance the colors of my images and resize them NOT to make myself look thinner, being a fashion blogger is about showing wearable and practical outfits on the bodies of more relatable, average and not model sized people or unrealistic artificially made bodies. Rant of the day completed! Hurray!

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