Garment Stories: Pants That MATTER

(thrifted top and hat, pants: 
the Side Lunghi + Kirana by MATTER)

(thrifted top and hat, pants: the Side Lunghi + Kirana by MATTER)

What I wore out in Athens for my 26th birthday, I celebrated by doing what's always on my list of favorite things to do on a special day: eat vegan food and not have to cook it myself. 
As for my outfit I stuck to my favorite color combination, all black -not exactly a color I know- because any birthday after your 25th just makes you feel like you're mourning getting just one step closer to your funeral *cries* but my MATTER pants are definitely cheering up this outfit with that statement Kirana handloom print! I've made an entire video styling this pair of trousers in 7 different outfits but I didn't get to talk much about the ethical brand behind them.

As an ethical fashion consumer I always want to have access to as much information about a brand as possible, about the creators, the materials and perhaps most importantly, what the brand's purpose is. Is it making profit or is it going beyond that and affecting positive change in their creator's communities? One of the reasons I immediately fell in love with MATTER was by discovering the plethora of information on their website about their garments, the artisans creating them, the location, craftsmanship and tradition behind the textiles but MATTER's purpose goes beyond just using sustainable textiles and expands into positively impacting their artisans, designers and inspiring customers to value the origin of their garments leading to their Change Beyond Textiles mission that you can read more about on their journal.

The artisans and designers incorporate their own cultural heritage in every pattern, every prints tells a story of their creator and there's such a timelessness in every garment, that can only be a result of choosing traditional rural artisan production over following fast fashion trends. What really impressed me with these pants is how unexpectedly versatile they are, something that I find uncommon in garments with statement prints since they tend to clash with other prints, but this fit and print are the exact opposite. If these pants could talk they'd say, relax, be comfortable, wear anything you want with me, I've got you covered.

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Thanks MATTER!

Kristen Leo