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Aegina island summer 2014 on film.

I FINALLY developed the film from 2 disposable cameras and one underwater cam that I had lying around for 9 months to get that super old film look + because I've also been a bit lazy. The pictures are from the trip I took with my boyfriend Maki last June in Aegina island. 
I had forgotten my iphone charger at my place and being the photography freak that I am, there was no way we were going on vacation and not taking any cool looking pictures. I've always wanted to experiment with film so we set off to find disposable film cameras in the digital age at the port of Piraeus. Not an easy task, believe me. So in this super dodgy shop, selling tacky Greek souvenirs made in China, we found them, two dusty disposable cameras (5 euros each) we weren't even sure would work (they sort of didn't really) and we set off for our vacation to the island of pistachios. Once we got there I also found a disposable underwater camera that although it looked like it was much better quality than the other two and it was way more expensive (16 euros) it stopped taking pictures after 7 clicks :( booo
Although old disposable cameras are not the most dependable they give off such a nostalgic and beautiful vibe that from now on I will bring at least one with me anywhere I go for vacation. 

Interested in doing the same? 
Here are my 7 tips on getting the best disposable camera vacation photos.

  1. Finding disposable cameras may be tricky. Look in places like souvenir shops, kiosks and of course camera and gadget stores.
  2. The cheaper and uglier in my opinion, the better, more chances the film gets overexposed, you get cool looking light leaks, dust and scratches that will give them that vintage "true instagram filter" vibe.
  3. Knowing what you're shooting can be tricky without a screen, but stand closer to your subject when taking touristy photos, the quality will come out better and the picture will catch more emotions. We were afraid we wouldn't fit in the frame and we came out a bit small in some of the pictures.
  4. Shoot during the daytime! Every picture we took at night came out very dark and unusable. Unless your camera has an operational flash, the ones we bought had a battery operated flash but the batteries were rotten, ew!
  5. Don't forget to smile :) I was so intimidated by the 27 photo limit I was afraid to mess them up with smiling or being goofy, truth is, these cameras have the same effect as instagram filters, they make anyone look good no mater what! So don't be afraid to be yourself even if you don't get 100 takes on one photo.
  6. Now wait. I left mine undeveloped for about 9 months to exaggerate the old film effect, plus it's like a little time capsule and it was cool to get to relive the trip after such a long time instead of posting them on facebook once they were taken and never looking at them again.
  7. When developing the film ask them to have them only on a CD or DVD. You can afterwards have your favorite ones printed out and save money from printing all of them (the good and the fails) For me having the film from three disposable cameras saved on DVD cost 30 euros, I had it done in an average photography studio in Athens, prices could vary depending on where you live though.
Waterproof disposable camera tips:
  1. Forget number 1,2 and 6! 
  2. Do your research and order one online from Kodak (what I should have done) Our underwater pictures came out looking like we were swimming in murky water even though it was crystal clear, the shutter button broke and we didn't even get to take enough pictures not to mention I paid for it more than I would if I had ordered a dependable one online and saved myself the disappointment.
Hope these tips will help you out on capturing your next adventures!

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