FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Saien soba, vegetable gyoza, avocado hosomaki, edamame

I finally got to meet up with Agape over some Japanese food at Wagamama in Kifisia near Athens last Saturday. I also made a sad effort at vlogging the day although I don't think I'm getting any better at it so here it goes with good old traditional blogging ftw! 
I thought I'd give a try at reviewing the vegan options at Wagamama for my massive number of vegan readers that will appreciate this... #muchsarcasm

I'll begin with the positives first as all good people do and because there were plenty, amazing service, very polite and pleasant staff, nice atmosphere and yummy Japanese food. For the negatives, I felt the quantities were a bit small for the starters even though the main meals were massive but quite expensive. I'm not a big fan of restaurants with tiny portions and big prices. Also when I pay 10 euros for a meal I want my taste buds to feel like I'm tripping with cats in space on rainbows and I wasn't. I would recommend not going there on an empty stomach and order the vegetable dumplings (gyoza), they were the tastiest of everything I tried.

So if I had to rate it with space cats tripping on rainbows
I would give Wagamama 3/5 space cats tripping on rainbows because when a restaurant is stingy on their quantities so am I with my space cats.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! It's a little different from my usual but I think it's kind of useful both for my Greek readers and also any of you guys planning on visiting Greece and need tips. Let me know if you'd like more reviews!

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  1. I do love wagamamas, I have to agree with the portion sizes it is bit small, which is annoying!

    Would love to have your opinion on my blog

    They Call Me Tania


  2. This looks so yummy!!!

    xoxo Christina

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  3. i've been to wagamama once in london and it was pretty good!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  4. Looks so delicious!

  5. This looks delicious :)

  6. <3333 it looks so yummy!

  7. Oh The food looks delcious

  8. I love eating sushi so much! x